Kulshan Community Land Trust is a democratically structured, membership based, community land trust, working to create healthy communities through permanently affordable homeownership.

A community land trust is a nonprofit corporation that owns land and holds it “in trust” forever for the benefit of the community. CLTs are elegantly designed to balance the interests of individuals and the interests of the community at large

. Individuals want security, equity and a lasting legacy for the heirs. The community at large benefits from the stability brought about by owner occupied homes.

Kulshan CLT is one of over one hundred CLTs in the nation today. The purpose of a CLT is to acquire land and remove it from the speculative, for-profit market.

Kulshan CLT combines the best features of private and community ownership. Kulshan CLT homeowners have some essential benefits of conventional homeownership: lifetime security, a reasonable rate of return on their investment, and a legacy for their descendants. At the same time Kulshan CLT makes access to housing available to those of modest means.

CLTs enable a community to exercise more effective and representative control over its long-term development and prevent absentee ownership. No seller benefits from speculative gains and unearned increases in market value and moderate-income buyers are not priced out of the market and denied decent housing by such increases.